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Dream of Freedom – 2-Part


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Dream of Freedom

Festival Choral Octavo 2 Part

Original music to a text by Langston Hughes combine with the old spiritual “Oh, Freedom” to create a gospel showcase for young singers that will build vocal and performance skills through the message of freedom for all. Perfect for honor choirs, MLK concerts and many other types of programs.


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Rollo Dilworth: A Musical Journey from Childhood Curiosity to International Recognition

Early Education: Nurturing the Seeds of Musical Passion

From a young age, Rollo Dilworth was captivated by the power of music, finding himself drawn to the enchanting world of singing through his participation in school and church choirs. This journey into the realm of melodies and harmonies began at the tender age of 11 when he started experimenting with the music he was provided, daring to explore alternate pitches and rhythms. His inquisitive nature did not go unnoticed, as his elementary music teacher recognized his potential and encouraged his creative pursuits. It was during this period that the seeds of his love for arranging music were sown. Simultaneously, young Rollo Dilworth embarked on a voyage of musical exploration, diving into the intricate realms of music theory and piano. As he navigated his high school years, it became abundantly clear that his destiny lay in the pursuit of a musical career.

Higher Education: The Unwavering Commitment to Musical Excellence

To fulfill his dreams and aspirations, Dilworth’s educational journey led him to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Here, he continued to hone his skills in voice and piano, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education. Undeterred by the demands of his musical pursuits, Dilworth dedicated a year to teaching elementary school music full-time while concurrently pursuing a master’s degree in secondary education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. During this phase, Dilworth’s musical idol, Robert Ray, played a pivotal role in imparting valuable lessons in composition and arranging, further enriching his musical arsenal. The year 1994 marked the culmination of his master’s degree journey, opening new doors and opportunities in the world of music.

A Prolific Career Unfolds: From Chicago to Philadelphia

Rollo Dilworth’s journey continued to unfold as he assumed the role of director for the music education and choral programs at North Park University in Chicago, Illinois, a position he held with distinction from 1996 to 2009. In 1998, Dilworth’s talents were recognized by both Colla Voce and Hal Leonard, who offered him publishing contracts, marking a significant milestone in his career. Since then, Dilworth has gifted the world with over 150 published works, leaving an indelible mark on the choral music landscape. His contributions extend beyond compositions; he has actively participated in the creation of the Choir Builders series of choral textbooks and made significant contributions to the esteemed music magazine, Music Express, both publications under the Hal Leonard umbrella.

In 2003, North Park University bestowed upon him the prestigious Zenos Hawkinson Award for Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership, a testament to his commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians. Post-2009, Rollo Dilworth embarked on a new chapter in his career, joining the faculty at Temple University in Pennsylvania as a professor of music and ultimately chairing the Music Education and Music Therapy department. His outstanding contributions were recognized in 2017 when he received the Temple University Faculty Award for Research and Creative Achievement. Through his relentless pursuit of excellence in composition and education, Dilworth has emerged as an active participant on both domestic and international stages in the world of music.

A Celebrated Collaboration: Reimagining Leonard Bernstein’s Mass

In celebration of the 100th birthday of legendary composer Leonard Bernstein, Nolan Williams, Jr. commissioned a groundbreaking project. Four Philadelphia composers, including Rollo Dilworth, were entrusted with the task of reworking Bernstein’s iconic Mass to “collectively write a new version that expresses their faith or crisis of faith.” This collaborative effort resulted in a fresh and evocative piece that premiered at Philadelphia’s Monumental Baptist Church in August 2018, marking a remarkable achievement in Dilworth’s musical journey.

Style and Influence: A Fusion of Classical and African-American Inspirations

Rollo Dilworth’s musical identity is a tapestry woven from a rich blend of influences. While he holds classical icons like Beethoven and Chopin dear to his heart, his compositional style is undeniably shaped by the soul-stirring genres of Gospel and Spiritual music. Figures such as Robert Ray and Moses Hogan have played a profound role in molding his musical sensibilities. Additionally, Dilworth draws inspiration from the deep well of African-American literary tradition, with a special affection for the poetry of luminaries like Langston Hughes and Paul Laurence Dunbar. This love has translated into his compositions, where he has skillfully set their evocative texts to music.

Rollo Dilworth’s musical journey is a testament to the power of passion, education, and unwavering dedication. From his formative years kindled with curiosity to his celebrated collaborations and profound influence, Dilworth’s story is one of inspiration and musical excellence. His fusion of classical and African-American influences has left an indelible mark on the world of music, captivating audiences both nationally and internationally. As he continues to compose, educate, and inspire, the legacy of Rollo Dilworth in the world of music is destined to endure and flourish.

Dream of FreedomFestival Choral Octavo

  •  Festival Choral
  •  Hal Leonard
  •  Octavo
  • 2-Part
  •  Rollo Dilworth
  •  Langston Hughes

Original music to a text by Langston Hughes combine with the old spiritual “Oh, Freedom” to create a gospel showcase for young singers that will build vocal and performance skills through the message of freedom for all. Perfect for honor choirs, MLK concerts and many other types of programs.

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