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I Dream A World – Full Orchestra – Conductor’s Score and Parts


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Rosephyne Powell composes Langston Hughes’ poem into music and accompanied by piano. Its magisterial melody, harmonies and lyrics will inspire everyone to strive to achieve their dreams. This is a great piece for any medium level collegiate and high school choirs.

Langston Hughes’ texts are highly sought after for musical settings by orchestras and choirs, and there are several reasons for this, especially considering how these ensembles create emotionally rich environments:

  1. Rich Poetic Imagery and Rhythm: Hughes’ poetry, known for its vivid imagery and intrinsic rhythmic quality, naturally lends itself to musical interpretation. Choirs and orchestras can capitalize on this rhythmically engaging and visually evocative text, using their range of dynamics, tone colors, and expressive capabilities to bring the imagery to life.
  2. Depth of Emotion: Hughes’ poetry encompasses a broad spectrum of emotions, from deep sorrow to soaring joy. Choirs and orchestras are uniquely equipped to explore these emotions through layered vocal harmonies and the diverse timbres of orchestral instruments. The blending of voices and instruments can create a powerful, enveloping emotional experience that resonates deeply with audiences.
  3. Cultural Resonance and Historical Context: As a prominent figure in the Harlem Renaissance, Hughes’ writings reflect significant cultural and historical themes, particularly relating to the African American experience. When choirs and orchestras perform his works, they not only bring his words to life but also pay homage to an important era in history. This contextual richness adds a layer of depth and significance to the performance, enhancing its emotional impact.
  4. Universal Themes: While Hughes’ work is deeply rooted in his own cultural experience, his exploration of themes like hope, resilience, and equality has a universal appeal. Choirs and orchestras, often comprising diverse groups of individuals, can find common ground in these themes, creating performances that are emotionally inclusive and relatable to a broad audience.
  5. Dynamic and Expressive Potential: The dynamic range and expressive possibilities of choirs and orchestras allow for a nuanced interpretation of Hughes’ texts. From the softest whispers of a choir to the full, resonant sound of an orchestra, these ensembles can navigate the subtleties of emotion in Hughes’ poetry, creating a captivating and immersive emotional environment.
  6. Legacy and Inspirational Power: Hughes’ enduring influence as a poet and social commentator makes his work a powerful source of inspiration. By setting his texts to music, choirs and orchestras not only celebrate his legacy but also contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the themes he explored. This sense of connection to a larger historical and cultural narrative can heighten the emotional impact of the performance.

In essence, the combination of Hughes’ evocative and rhythmically charged poetry, its emotional depth, cultural and historical significance, universal appeal, and the dynamic expressiveness of choirs and orchestras, all contribute to creating profoundly moving musical experiences.

Dr. Rosephanye Powell has distinguished herself as a preeminent composer in the field of solo vocal and choral music in the United States. Her academic credentials are exceptional, with degrees from The Florida State University (D.M. in vocal performance, University Fellow), Westminster Choir College (M.M. in vocal performance and pedagogy, with distinction), and Alabama State University (B.M.E., summa cum laude). Her compositions, marked by both academic rigor and artistic excellence, are widely published by leading firms such as the Hal Leonard Corporation, the Fred Bock Music Companies, Gentry Publications, Oxford University Press, Alliance Music Publications, and Shawnee Press.

Her works have been conducted and premiered by world-renowned conductors in prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center, and Spivey Hall. Dr. Powell has contributed significantly to the choral repertoire, with commissions from elite groups such as Cantus and the Grammy-winning Chanticleer. Her compositions are a staple at major choral festivals and conventions, including those of the American Choral Directors Association.

Dr. Powell’s recent compositions include notable works such as “Quiet Revolutionary” for Harvard University choirs, “Love Will Make A Way” premiered at Lincoln Center, and “The Cry of Jeremiah,” commissioned by the American Guild of Organists. Her research delves into the African-American spiritual and vocal health for professional voice users, which she shares through national and international workshops, lectures, and adjudications.

As a Professor of Voice at Auburn University, Dr. Powell’s pedagogical expertise is recognized, having previously taught at Philander Smith College and Georgia Southern University. Her awards, such as the Luise Vosgerchian Teaching Award from Harvard University and the Living Legend Award from the California State University African Diaspora Sacred Music Festival, underline her academic and artistic contributions to the field.

An active member of various professional organizations, including ASCAP, ACDA, and NATS, Dr. Powell’s influence extends beyond her compositions to her role as an educator, clinician, and adjudicator. Her inclusion in prestigious directories like Marquis Who’s Who underscores her stature in the world of choral music and academia.

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The Music of Langston Hughes

Inspired by his messages of justice, freedom, and the hope that a brighter future lies ahead, notable composers and arrangers have beautifully coupled Langston Hughes' passionate words with equally captivating music.

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