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The words of Langston Hughes resound more today than ever for justice, truth and freedom. Rosephanye Powell has selected 4 poems by Mr. Hughes and set them to music: 1. I Dream A World, 2. To Sit And Dream, and 3. Hold Fast To Dreams. These are contemporary art songs that should be a part of every vocal student’s study and performance repertoire. Available in high JG0745 and low JG0746 voice.

What is the Common Thread In Rosephanye Powell’s Vocal Solos of Langston Hughes Poetry?

The common thread in the three Langston Hughes poems “I Dream A World,” “To Sit And Dream,” and “Hold Fast To Dreams,” is the theme of dreams and the importance of holding onto one’s dreams and aspirations despite the challenges and obstacles one may face.

  1. “I Dream A World” – In this poem, Hughes envisions a world where all people live in harmony and unity, free from discrimination and prejudice. The poem speaks to the dream of a better world, where everyone is treated with equality and respect.
  2. “To Sit And Dream” – This poem emphasizes the power of imagination and dreams. Hughes encourages the reader to take the time to dream and envision a brighter future. It underscores the idea that dreams can be a source of inspiration and motivation.
  3. “Hold Fast To Dreams” – This poem encourages individuals to hold onto their dreams and not let go of them, even when faced with adversity. Hughes emphasizes that dreams can be a guiding light in one’s life, providing hope and purpose.

In all three poems, Langston Hughes conveys the idea that dreams are essential for personal growth, social progress, and the pursuit of a better world. He encourages readers to believe in their dreams and work towards making them a reality, despite the challenges they may encounter.

A Little About Rosephanye Powell

Rosephanye Powell is a renowned American composer known for her solo vocal and choral music. Her impressive body of work is published by leading publishers, including Hal Leonard Corporation, Fred Bock Publishing Group (Jubal House, Gentry Publications, Hinshaw Music) and more. Her compositions have been conducted and premiered at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, and they have also been commissioned by notable choral ensembles, including Chanticleer.

Dr. Powell’s compositions span a wide range of genres and are in high demand at choral festivals across the United States. She holds degrees from The Florida State University, Westminster Choir College, and Alabama State University. Currently a Professor of Voice at Auburn University, she is recognized for her research in African-American spirituals and voice care for professionals in the music industry.

Dr. Powell’s numerous accolades include the Luise Vosgerchian Teaching Award from Harvard University, the Living Legend Award from California State University, and the Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award. She is an active member of various musical organizations, including ASCAP, ACDA, and NATS.

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The Music of Langston Hughes

Inspired by his messages of justice, freedom, and the hope that a brighter future lies ahead, notable composers and arrangers have beautifully coupled Langston Hughes' passionate words with equally captivating music.

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